Packshot visuals.

3D Packshots are digital images of packaging and products. There is no photography involved; the visuals are entirely created digitally. It starts with a 3D wireframe model, and in addition, the flat artwork files are required for this process. Furthermore, if there is, for example, a window in the packaging through which the product is visible, a photo of the product is necessary. Recently, I have a better solution for this – a full-color 3D scanner. This scanner allows for the generation of highly detailed and photorealistic 3D images. The scanner is also used to create 3D wireframe models of the packaging itself. 

Digital packshots enable marketing materials to be prepared well in advance. Because long before the packaging is printed and the product is on store shelves, the packshots visuals are already available.

An additional advantage is that the visuals are always of consistent quality and in a resolution that is not limited. In most cases, this approach is also much more cost-effective than traditional photography.